How I Got Upto 3 Second Passport As My Plan B To Nigeria Issues



How I Got Upto 3 Second Passport As My Plan B To Nigeria Issues

Note, all write is for the author of the thread via twitter. So Read-Along:

Hiya guys, so here we are. The aim of this thread is to show you options, to bring to your awareness one of the ways (there are many), the super-rich, rich and upper-middle-class for your country use to keep themselves and their families safe in times of great political turmoil, economic devastation, and war. Let me ask you this: if a war breaks out (God forbid) will you and your loved ones be able to get out quickly, alive and safely? Ruminate over that before you answer. Think over it. Slowly.

You know how whenever elections draw near, many well-to-do parents, take their families and travel out of the country? Why do you think they do that? Because no one wants to be running around with children/loved ones, and then get caught up in this contraption we call country.

What they do is what I am going to show you tonight – how they prepare themselves, the tools they use, options available for you and how to get started today. I am going to show you how to obtain second citizenship from another country or at the very least a residence visa.

Now a few points before I get into the meat of today’s topic. 1. Famous folk you know in tour country – politicians, businessmen, civil servants – we can list names and we won’t finish by the end of another week, they all have either second passports of residencies. Why not you?

2. It is perfectly legal to have a second passport or residency, even a 3rd and a 4th one. The more you have the better. It can’t be too much. I am on track to get a third soon. No, I won’t mention the country. The point is, it is a great thing to have in your life.

3. Second passports are not cheap. You’ll either pay huge cash (if you’re in a hurry and have more money than time). Or you pay with some cash (not too much) if you have more time than money. 4. I am not asking you to get a second passport or residency so you can run away If you want to move away permanently, I can’t blame you, this country can frustrate you if you don’t have the mental strength to make it work. In that case, sure move permanently. I ask you rather get it as a “Plan B” option, so you can quickly get out of this place if you need to. I believe there’s still a lot that can happen here, but I am not stupid to trust the class of politicians we’ve head since independence and especially since 1999. My second passports and residencies are so I can easily enter a plane and leave or cross the border if I need to. No I won’t fight a war to keep Nigeria “one”. No be me appoint Lord Lugard. Speaking of Lord Lugard, may that man and his babe abi na wife sef, rot in hell. He put us in this mess. Lol. Alright, now that we have those out of the way, let’s get down to bidness.

So there are three kinds of residencies I have I’ll discuss today. I don’t want this thread to be too long so I’ll be brief but explanatory.

1. Economic Citizenships via (Golden Passport)

2. Permanent Residencies

3. Citizenships by Birth I won’t discuss every country who have these programs, just those who still allow your country Nigeria to participate, because gosh, una wahala too much. I will also discuss fees and procedure. Cool? Before nko?

Alright, let’s start.

1. Economic Citizenships: This is for people who have more money than time. You? They are expensive. Depending on the country (those that accept Nigerians), it’ll cost anywhere from €3,000,000 to as little as $150,000.

i. Cyprus: €3,000,000 (€2.5 million of this invested in real estate), others go towards fees & costs) Duration: In 3 months you’ll have a Chassis brand new Cyprus passport. The application is straight forward and have a high approval rate. You don’t even have to live in Cyprus permanently. Visa-free travel to 158 countries + USA. It’s expensive because it instantly gives you an EU citizenship too. No Brexit.

A Cyprus passport also gives you multiple visa-free entry to a Canada for 6 months, and 3 months for Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and Macau.

ii. Antigua and Barbuda Cost: $100, 000 (single) and ($175,000) for a family of 5. Visa free travel to 150 countries including UK, , EU Schengen zone, Honk Kong and Switzerland.

iii. Dominica Fees: $100,000 or ($200,000 for a family of 4) Or just buy a Govt-approved real estate worth $200,000 but you can’t resell it for 3 years. Children up to 30 years/dependent parents over 55 years old can be included.

iv. St. Lucia Fees: $100,000 for a single applicant or $165,000 for a couple and $190,000 for a family of 4. Visa-free to 150 countries. Okay, that’s it for the economic citizenships that give you an almost instant Passport. Nownindont knows about you, but start saving that 100k$ now haha.

2. Permanent Residence: These are not passport, just permanent Residencies. You still need to use your regular Nigerian passport to travel with them. They’re the next best things and cheaper but you just have an invisible antenna to sense trouble so you can leave before it starts. I’ll stay with the most expensive.

i. Portugal C Ronaldo’ country. It requires a €500,000 Euro investment in approved Real Estate. Its an EU country too. Sweet. Spain has a similar program but issue is you will pay taxes on the real estate each year.

ii. Cyprus. These people sabi business sha.

Fees: $300,000 investment in approved Real Estate. Best way is to register a company, out tour and your wife as owners and apply with it, so you both benefit for one price. See my Igbo Man sense? 👌🏾 Granted within 2 months and covers the whole family, dependent children up to 25 years old plus parents of both spouses. It is valid for life and can be inherited by your children and their children too. EU visa-free travel, but you all must visit Cyprus once every two years for it to remain valid.

iii. Ireland. This you do by showing the Irish Govt you have an “innovative idea for a High Potential Start up” with access to funding of €50,000 for the first shareholder, and €30,000 for each additional shareholder. It covers you and your immediate family and dependents.

Are these options out of your reach? You want to give up because the money is plenty? The idea of this thread is so you can plan and say, “Okay, I have this info. I give myself the next 4 years to make it happen?). But have I finished? Not by a long mile.

Next we’ll discuss…

3. Citizenship By Birth: This is the cheapest and most popular way to get citizenship. Most parents do it for their kids. In fact, most want their kids born in the USA. Many mothers fail to get a visa for many reasons. Well, what if I told you there is another way to make your child a citizen of the USA without travelling to the USA. And what if I told you there’s a country far better than the USA to have your child in, so if you’re refused a USA visa, then simply apply to that country too. You want to know how? Let’s dig in, Fam.

How to Have Your Kids Get an American Passport Without Going to the USA.

Many people don’t know this but the USA controls and protects a number of tiny, vacation spot countries in Asia/Oceania region. They are called Permanent Territories of the USA. To travel there you still get automatic USA citizenship. Which places are these?

Puerto Rico

US Virgin Islands (in the Caribbean)


Northern Marian Islands

There’s another place called American Samoa. A child born there doesn’t get automatic US citizenship but they American Samoan citizenship gives them visa-free travel to the USA and opportunity to naturalize later.

Other countries who allow citizenship by birth include: Canada (you can try applying to go give birth there too. It’s a great country) Chile (they also have a residency and citizenship option, I forgot to mention earlier). Chile gives a citizen visa free travel to 148 countries. Panama. If your child is born in Panama, the parents can apply to become citizens too after 3 years of residency. Barbados @rihanna’s country. The child can apply for special privileges and access in the United Kingdom. Europe. All countries in the EU except Cyprus. Those ones want everybody to pay money 😂😂😂.

The UK does but the child just live in the UK consecutively for 10 years. South Korea. Born your child there. It’s a great passport. Visa free to 160 countries. Now, let’s talk about Best Citizenship by Birth Program. In The World (And it’s not the USA) It’s… drumroll… BRAZIL! Yes, Brazil is the cheapest and best place to have your child today. It’s safe, and your child gets visa-free travel to 158 countries including the EU, Russia, Asia, Australia, Canada, minus USA sha, but that’s easy. Once you have your child there, you can apply for and be granted immediate permanent Residencies as the parents, and you the parents can get your own Passports in one year! Wow!

There are two more ways to get a Brazilian passport but the thread has gone on too long. There’s an option to adopt a Brazilian kid from an orphanage, but you must prove s/he will have a stable home. Or you can marry a Brazilian. Now, of course, you should know there is more to learn… go follow @ronaldnzimora